1990 Eagle Talon TSI

Well guys I've decided to finally commit to a build thread. It was gonna happen sooner or later. Basically I've always been attracted to the 2g DSM's. I did own a 2g for a while and i'll say that it was an experience as well as a lesson learned. I learned a lot from that car and now i'd say that it has better equipped me for the current car that I have now. I just could never seem to get anything right with the car. So I decided to start fresh. Sold the car and moved on towards finding a new DSM to start fresh with. I made it a point to find a totally stock as possible car this time around. One of the main reasons that I failed with the my last car was because I picked up someone else's project. I was originally looking for another 2g. Since I could not find one that I liked enough to buy I started to look around for some 1g's. I have not really been a fan of the 1gb's but I came close to buying one for around $2500. I was more of a 1ga fan and decided to not pull the trigger and wait for the right one. I then came across a fellow selling a 1990 Talon a couple hours away. I really wanted to see it in person but it was quite far. I couldn't make it out for like a month after I first contacted the owner. The original story with the car was he bought it ran great. He wanted to do the timing belt and attempted to do the job on his own. He then got the belt on and it just wasn't tensioned. He had a video of it running with the loose belt. So I made a choice and decided to go see it. I didn't want to lose out on the gas going out so I took a trailer just in case if I bought it. When I got there I asked if It was alright if I could perform a compression test and it came out 150-155 across the board. So I was pretty pleased. The interior was in excellent condition but the exterior needed some work. The owner was asking $2200 originally but agreed to drop it to $1800 for me. I then talked him down an additional $100, so the final price was $1700. I decided to take a chance and just purchase it. Here are some pictures of the day I got it.

There's more to come that has already happened so stay tuned guys!

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