1990 Eagle Talon TSI

At this point I got the car in the garage and immediately started looking into the engine and started making a list of everything that needed to be done to the car. I started with the timing belt. I needed to see if the engine was even healthy enough to run. It was about a week after I bought the car and I was still in contact with the previous owner. I asked him how was it that he never could get the belt tensioned? He bought all new timing components. (tensioner, pulleys, belt, ect...) He said that he never had the special tool (tensioner tool) to tighten the pulley. He said that he was waiting on it to arrive in the mail before he sold it. I also took a second look at the timing belt and realized that the balance shaft belt was completely missing. So the car had the balance shafts but didn't have a belt. After getting a balance shaft belt (Special thanks to Shane90gsx for the Gates balance shaft belt and the help on the T-belt job) a friend (Shane90gsx) started on the T-belt job. Heres a pic of before the T-belt was finished.

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