1990 Eagle Talon TSI

One of the reasons I love my Talon is because the chassis is black! My plan is to have a blacked out Talon. I would love to get some Evo 8 Enkeis in the near future and gloss them black. I will be lowering the car and basically tinting all windows to the darkest tint available. I want the car to be extremely black. :thumb:

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2000 Saab 95 Aero

Test post #2...

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The Green Penny Build

Again with letting the mounts in place while I stewed on them. This means I had time to ask Brandon to weld up the perimeter of the battery box.

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The H.A.M.B.

One Saturday about two years ago my wife came home from the library and plopped a book in my lap, and told me “I thought you would like this”. I began to read it and wouldn’t you know when I finished it the next afternoon I had a new mission in life… To road race my Model A!

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