1990 Eagle Talon TSI

Well guys since the turbo is pretty much fried I'm in search of the right turbo for a nice powerful street setup. I'm leaning towards a TD05H 20G. Still doing some more research on this turbo but I hear that turbo is great for a street setup. \nOn the front cover there is some writing that says NEW ONE. So im guessing that somwhere along the life of this car the ECU was repaclaced with a new one. It looks cleaner than alot of other DSM ECU's that I've seen before. The excitement I had after finding this Eprom ECU was indescribable. :hellyeah::hellyeah:. In the end after I sent the ECU with the V3 chip to ECMTuning. I will have only spent $395 for Link V3 Full for my 1g Talon. I am now awaiting the shipment from ECMTuning. :D\nOne repair that I had done recently was put a set of new bushings into my shifter assembly. I dont know about any of you guys but if you have a 1g wobbly shifter assembly this really helped me. Heres my before and after video of the shifter assembly.

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