The Green Penny Build

First I think I have to explain the title of this build. No, the car is not and will not be green. Secondly, it didn’t cost me a penny.

Ask anyone that’s tried to restore an old car – even a newer aged Honda – and they’ll tell you stories about the many green pennies they found stuck in odd places inside the car. I must have pulled out enough for a trip to the Coinstar machine with this one. Pennies, nickels, dimes, even the odd quarter (or fifteen).

My green pennies came from a donated 1999 Integra GSR shell from Steve (bysek) for doing some work on his car. It wasn’t how I pictured it, but it was a clean-titled rust free Integra shell – exactly what I was looking for. All those green pennies were evidence of its life as just another daily commuter. That was all about to change for this car. Hopefully in this build I’ll spend less time on the common stuff everyone already knows and more time detailing the small things. I want to showcase the little custom things that set apart one build from another and not just show everyone a carefully laid out assortment of Earl’s Fittings boxes or Honda clips and bolts.
Five years ago when I as planning and buying for this car a lot of the ideas hadn’t yet been tried. Now that everything has progressed so much within the K series world and Hondas in general I don’t know if this car will be able to hold anyone’s attention. This might just fall into the general “Eh, whatever” category and that’s fine with me. I’m building this car for me and that’s it. So going forward PLEASE note: this is not a race car. It will never be a race car. I don’t own race cars, I don’t drive race cars. I build and drive street cars that sometimes have some go-fast parts on them. I’ve had my hand in building race cars for friends and I know I can’t afford to build, break, and rebuild. But I digress. . . on with the show now that there's some real progress to discuss!

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